I don't even know where to start or which words could possibly suffice in communicating to you and everyone at South Mountain Company what a pleasure it has been for me to have been taken under your wings during this most significant project of building my family a home.

This was a dream that came true due to a caring and connected community that allowed me to venture forward and make it happen.  Never would I have imagined that I would be sitting here, in my own home after 17 years of renting, with my 2 sons who are 'blown away' by their sense of ownership and having roots on this island they've been brought up on, to write you John, and thank you for what you've orchestrated.

Betsy Shay - Residential Client


There is a serene easiness amongst the recently completed cluster of homes at Eliakim’s Way in West Tisbury. Neighborly introductions have been made, the hammocks are hung and the community of new homeowners is planning it’s future.

Our neighborhood is a setting for dignified living and an unparalleled opportunity for home ownership. For some it will be a place to raise the next generation of island residents. We take pride in place, aiming to live according to the same enlightened ideals that make this place exemplary.

From our new community to all those involved we offer our deepest gratitude and respect. For your insight, care and dedication you are to be commended. Thank you.

Eliakim's Way Community - Affordable Housing Residential Clients


you all think of the small (all nails in a row)

you all think of the big (the community, the world, how little to put in the dumpster)

at the end you leave us flowers.

thank you all. even those we haven’t met
for your generous
competent spirits.

We love what you have made... and how you made it.

Ann & Gordie Thorne - Residential Clients


Whether building a new house, renovating an old one, or adding additions to either, I suspect you are often told at the time how much you are
 appreciated.  Our sense of appreciation has never ended. It is hard to believe that we have been in the home you first built for us for 18 years. It continues to 
bring as much joy to us today as it did all those years ago, and to our family and friends.

Margaret H. Marshall & Anthony Lewis - Residential Clients


In 2009, the Woods Hole Research Center purchased a century-old carriage house adjacent to its headquarters at the George M Woodwell building.  Completed in August of 2010, the deep-energy retrofit of the Carriage House was designed and implemented by South Mountain Company, an architectural design/build firm widely respected for integrating handsome design with energy efficiency.

South Mountain architects worked closely with the Woods Hole Research Center’s building committee and reformed the Carriage House into a small, sterling office building that is one of the gems in their catalog of energy-efficient structures.

Woods Hole Research Center - Institutional Client


The Island Housing Trust contracted South Mountain Company twice over the past five years, most recently to design and build a neighborhood of eight new single family houses at Eliakim’s Way in West Tisbury completed in May of 2010.  Both of these projects came in on schedule and at budget. 

The success of these high performance homes was due to South Mountain Company’s expertise, experience, and hard work.  South Mountain Company led an integrated design/build process that began with site planning and schematic designs all the way through to a homeowner orientation for eight families who were each provided homeowner manuals by South Mountain Company.  The Island Housing Trust’s satisfaction with South Mountain Company’s work is best exemplified by the incredible gratitude our homeowners share with us for these modest, beautifully designed well-built, energy efficient dwellings they now call home.

Island Housing Trust - Affordable Housing Development Client


What a ride.  With limited input from the client, you more than hit the nail on the head.  I am most grateful for the collective thoughtfulness evident in each and every detail.   I love what, how, when, and why you did.

Heidi Eddy Riggs - Residential Client


Early in the process Ryan gave us a rendering, which caused us to say, “Eureka”.  We framed the rendering, which still hangs in a place of honor in our house because to us it meant that our design team understood and would be able to give us exactly what we wanted.

Although John had been a steady and contributing member of the planning process, once construction started we saw a lot less of him.  Nevertheless, on those infrequent occasions when all didn’t go smoothly, we became aware that he had been following the job so closely that he was able to participate on an as needed basis without skipping a beat.  Nothing dropped through the cracks.  Nothing was left to chance.

Over time we learned that South Mountain was a consistent under-promiser and over-deliverer.  Our experience with other builders was exactly the opposite and it took us a while to fully appreciate this extraordinary difference – but after a while we began to take it for granted, to depend on it.

Another important person in the process – and equally competent – was Deirdre Bohan, who runs South Mountain’s interiors department.

Thus it came to pass that a month ahead of the time projections and on budget our dream house was turned over to us and we moved in.

If one is looking for a stress-less worry-free experience in creating, implementing and caring for a project that is both beautiful and functional, built to the highest state of the art standards to be delivered both on time and on budget, we want to share our superlative experience with the wonderful South Mountain community.

You helped us realize a dream we didn’t even know we had.   Thanks to your and our wonderful team for everything.

In addition to thanks, love from us.

Susan Heilbron & Andy Goldman - Residential Clients


Thank you again for making this process a painless and rather fun one.  We are enjoying our renovated house and starting to make it feel like home. All visitors have commented on the craftsmanship and the beauty of the house and our neighbors applauded us on preserving the environment and working with the landscape not against it. These are all ideas we had in mind but wouldn’t have achieved this finished masterpiece without you!

Monica & John Thompson - Residential Clients


Your skills and dedication to this project are making it possible for this long-standing dream of expanding the West Tisbury School's kitchen come to life!

I am so thankful to  you and the whole South Mountain crew for donating the time to move this project ahead.

Last fall we met with John Powers [Board of Health] to talk about the kitchen expansion, and he basically said "People have been talking about doing this for 20 years, and I seriously doubt you people will bring it any further than the rest have."  And here we are such a short time later with plans on the table and support from the School Committee--yahoo!  We truly couldn't have gotten here without South Mountain's support.

Island Grown Initiative - Non-Profit Client


Before, during and after the project South Mountain Company has been professional, helpful beyond normal expectations and a joy to work with.

Dave Brown