Our Services


We do the planning and architecture for all projects in-house. The work is done by our architects and designers in cooperation with outside consulting specialty professionals. Our design process is highly collaborative - we think many voices lead to well-integrated designs. Learn more>>


Building is at the heart of what we do. We combine the finest craftsmanship, the best technology, the latest in building science, and the oldest tried-and-true approaches and techniques to make fine buildings that will last for centuries. Learn more>>

Energy Services

The division of our company provides engineering, energy performance evaluations, design and installation of solar systems, and design of deep energfy retrofits to existing buildings. SMC Energy works with residential, commercial, and institutional clients. Learn more>>


We provide complete interior design and decorating services & installation. This is central to design integration, and by combining in-house efforts we can assure that the furnishings and the architecture will be complimentary and harmonious. Learn more>>


Development is invention. Our first question is about need. Are we proposing to invent something that our community needs? If not, why bother - let's invent something else. Our development efforts are focused on the creation of affordable housing. Learn more>>

Furniture & Woodwork

We weren't always South Mountain Company - we began long ago as South Mountain Woodwork, a custom cabinetry shop. In our fully equipped woodworking shop we make custom designed cabinets, built-ins, and furniture. Most pieces are produced for the houses we build, but they are also available as individual commissions. Learn more>>

Building Maintenance Services

We take care of many of the houses we have built - observing, maintaining, and updating. In some situations we offer property management services for buildings that did not originate in our office. Learn more>>

Consulting, Teaching Speaking and Writing 

Employee ownership, progressive business practices, building science, high performance building, etc.  We think seriously about these topics and others, and share our findings as widely as possible. Learn more>>