Expanding Our Reach

Another part of our business is the practice of communicating what we have learned. We communicate in many ways: by writing, speaking, teaching, and consulting.

In 2005, Chelsea Green Publishing released SMC founder and president John Abrams' book, THE COMPANY WE KEEP: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community, and Place. In 2008 a significantly revised second edition was released, re-named COMPANIES WE KEEP: Employee Ownership and the Business of Community and Place.  

The book has found a following. Dr. John Todd, ecologist and University of Vermont professor, calls it "a sleeper. It's a Pilgrim's Progress of ecological and economic explorations, woven together with a deep-rooted sense of place." This book opened new doors for us, put us in contact with people across the country who are thinking about employee ownership and social entrepreneurship. Occasionally we consult with these people, and we often learn from them.

And you can read our blog here.

For many years, John Abrams has done speaking engagements about employee ownership, progressive business practices, affordable housing, and green building. SMC Director of Engineering Marc Rosenbaum is in constant demand in the Northeast and elsewhere as a speaker and trainer on high performance building and building science. Energy Services Manager Rob Meyers speaks about solar and energy topics. Field Foreman Billy Dillon teaches classes about eyebrow dormers, staircase building, and other arcane carpentry topics.  Others in the company teach about particular architecture and construction topics. 

Please email John [jabrams@southmountain.com] to inquire about consulting, speaking, writing, and teaching.