Energy Services

We all want to make a difference, and we all want to save energy. . .  and money too.  Who wouldn’t?  But these days it makes you dizzy just trying to sort out the real from the hype.

South Mountain Company’s Energy Services division was created in 2005 to find the best opportunities for successful energy efficiency improvements and solar energy installations for residential, institutional and commercial clients on the Vineyard and nearby communities.  We do all the parts of the process:  consult, design, diagnose, install, implement, measure and monitor.  We work with buildings that are occupied seasonally as well as those that are occupied year round.

Our team of experts is the most well-trained and experienced in the area.  It includes nationally recognized building performance engineer Marc Rosenbaum, P.E.  For 30 years he has been responsible for some of the most advanced buildings in New England.  For 20 of those, he worked with South Mountain Company (SMC) as a consultant from his office in New Hampshire.  In 2010 he moved here and joined forces with SMC full time.  We are thrilled to be able to offer his expertise and wealth of experience to our clients.  The combination of SMC’s 30 years design/ build experience with Rosenbaum’s impeccable engineering enables us to offer a complete suite of services. 

Rob Meyers manages the department in the most spirited way imaginable.  Phil Forest is our solar designer and installer extraordinaire.  Brice Delhougne is our mechanical expert and John Guadagno is our newest solar designer and installer.

In addition, we keep in touch with a diverse group of professional peers throughout the Northeast to increase our knowledge and exchange information about what works and what doesn’t.

Our Process

Our process begins with a conversation during which we learn about your goals, how your building is occupied, what type of fuels are used and how much.  We will agree about services to be provided.  Comprehensive assessment of your building is the next step. This enables us to characterize the building performance and understand how its systems function.  Reducing wasted energy is usually less expensive than generating new energy, so this is a critical aspect of any energy evaluation.  We can go beyond energy too, to consider resource use, indoor air quality, resiliency planning, and food production.  When the assessment is complete you will receive a report that details options and estimates costs of improvements.

The heart of this practice is solar electric and solar thermal systems.  The convergence of higher fuel prices and significant financial incentives has made this the best time ever to install solar.  But it usually goes far beyond that to a whole systems analysis of your property to find ways to increase energy efficiency, solve moisture problems, and examine green building issues of all kinds.  We can also plan and implement deep energy retrofits for existing buildings (which result in profound energy use reduction, increased health and comfort, and greater durability).

Quality assurance is part of the deal. We do all solar installations with our own personnel. We offer the only NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) licensed solar electric Installer on the Vineyard.  For HVAC and energy efficiency improvements, we provide design, engineering, general contracting, and oversight for subcontractors.   Once all improvements are completed, we test to quantify the effect of the improvement, help you to monitor over time, and make adjustments as needed to ensure proper operation.

We do not limit these services to our own projects.  In certain situations we provide consulting services and technical assistance to owners and design teams - from the beginning of the design process through the construction process and beyond to occupancy - in a manner that is not limited by a professional or trade boundary and allows multiple challenges to be solved simultaneously.

Let’s discuss your situation – we can probably help you save money and energy, and we promise to cut through all the confusion too!!