High Performance & Deep Energy retrofits

Buildings must do more than look good and keep us dry.  They must perform, which means low energy use, a healthy indoor environment, minimal maintenance and long life.

In our new construction we are sometimes able to make zero net energy homes a reality (we call them "Zero Net Possible" because energy use depends so much on individuals and how they live.)  This is our specialty and when we renovate, we try to get as close as we can to new home performance.

We now bring our decades of experience in energy conscious design and construction to the table and to the jobsite...

We now bring our decades of experience in energy conscious design and construction to the table and to the jobsite in the challenging undertaking of doing the best possible energy retrofit.  Deep Energy Retrofits have become an important part of our work.On the Vineyard there are roughly eighteen thousand existing buildings.  Each of these will need to be brought into this century in terms of energy use, or just thrown away. Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) is a term we will be hearing more and more.  It means renovating buildings for profound energy use reduction, increased health and comfort, and greater durability by:

  • adding insulation
  • airsealing
  • reducing thermal bridging
  • installing high performance windows, doors, and mechanical equipment
  • adding heat recovery ventilation
  • adding renewable energy

Deep Energy Retrofits are about fixing what we've got and doing it right.  It's about thorough design and top notch building science.  It's about testing and measuring along the way.  It's about No Missed Opportunities as we maintain, renovate, and expand our homes.  It's about reducing energy use by 60% or more.  We aim for new superinsulated home performance – our DERs surpass the new homes built by others.

Our future depends on the sensible use and production of energy.

Buildings use almost 40% of all energy in the U.S.  We all seem to be awakening, together, to the understanding that we must deploy efficiency and renewable energy strategies in many ways, as rapidly as we can, to hedge against rapid cost escalation and to protect our planet.  As a company, making progress with that effort is one of our priorities.  It always has been.  Long before the term “green building” was coined, we were doing it.  In the seventies we began to make passive solar buildings and employ solar thermal and energy efficiency strategies. Now everyone is “building green”.  That’s good!  But our experience, our expertise, and our dedication goes deeper.  This is truly what we do.